Introduction to FurForFashion

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Welcome to ‘Fur For Fashion’. Fur For Fashion is an online campaign addressing the social problem about the use of animals for fashion, such as leather, fur, feathers and wool, and the implications it has on the animal’s health, wellbeing and animal cruelty involved. The objective will bring about greater awareness to stop people using animals for fashion.

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The social problem is that animals are being exploited in the fashion industry (Garlow 2014), even though there is an abundance of substitutions. Fashion designers still use real animal fur in their seasonal collections, ignoring the deplorable suffering in fur farms (Garlow 2014). Fur is considered to be high end, along with its high price tag, real fur can be seen as a status symbol than just merely fashion. It is for this reason that fur fashion can be sold in lavish boutiques of name designers and exclusive brands.

Did you know?

Each year, a surplus of 50 million animals suffer and die as victims of the fur trade, and eighty-five percent of the fur industry’s skins are from animals raised in horrific cages, with no quality of life or capabilities to act on their natural instincts and behave habitually ( 2016).

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Fur trade is an international business, which involves dozens of stakeholders in the production for fur fashion. The stakeholders (groups) involved in the fur fashion industry are:

  • Fur farms (those that raise the animals)
  • Merchants (those that create the deals and purchases of the fur)
  • Designers (those that purchase the apparel to distribute)
  • Retailers (those that sell the fur apparel)
  • Consumers (purchasers with an interest in high fashion, fur fashion, including celebrities and famous names (Kolokolnikov 2013, p. 3).

More than one million people are employed by the fur trade full-time, with even more on a part-time basis (Wearefur 2016). With this increase in number, the fur industry is simply growing at a shocking rate by the year.


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“It is really the one area where money and ethics converge in fashion”, as stated by Robert Burke, founder of the luxury consultancy in New York (Williams 2015).

Fur For Fashion hopes to further inform their readers about the fur fashion industry from a wealth of angles, and help them become more cognisant when deciding on purchasing fur fashion.



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