All things FUR: Minks, Foxes, Rabbits

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Every fur coat, trinket, trim, and pelt causes an animal tremendous suffering, and also takes away a life ( 2016). These products are taken from animals struggling to survive on fur farms or those taken against their will from the wild.

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Minks, foxes and rabbits spend their entire lives restrained to tiny, filthy wired cages. As they are bred in captivity, the animals are subjected to bite their own limbs or gnaw their own tails as a result of their misery, as they become mad and are unable to behave regularly ( 2016). They are also subjected to electrocution, poison, gassing or having their necks broken to avoid damage to the animal’s pelts, with some animals still being skinned alive for the sake of their fur ( 2016). These animals in these farms are fed meat by-products considered unfit for human consumption.

More than half of the fur in America alone comes from China, where millions of cats and dogs are clubbed, hanged and bled to death ( 2016).

Minks, foxes and rabbits are also stripped of their fur for winter to be used for fur trimmed coats, gloves, boots, sweaters and scarves ( 2014). FurForFashion poses a question to its readers, are these luxurious, fashionable items really used to keep people warm in winter, or is it more of a status and fashion statement, a trivial item if you will. Whereas these furs are actually needed for the animals themselves to keep themselves warm in winter. FurForFashion hopes to inspire its readers to go for the faux alternative, which are available everywhere now, and end these deplorable conditions for these poor furry friends.


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Take a stand against cruelty to animals by signing PETA’s fur-free pledge today! Sign here!




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