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Faux fur, is a material made of synthetic fibres designed to resemble fur, first introduced in 1929, and becoming commercially available since the 1950s (Humanesociety.org 2016). Faux fur is not only comfortable, less maintenance, has the feeling of real fur, and stylish, but also harms zero animals. On top of this, faux fur does not require cold storage to prevent deterioration and is invulnerable to moths (Humanesociety.org 2016).

Hannah Weiland, founder of Shrimps, a London-based faux fur company, states, “I love working with faux fur because it doesn’t molt and it feels just as soft. If the faux kind feels as good, why use the real kind?” (Moran 2014)

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So how do you tell the difference between real fur and faux fur?

  • Look for labels on your garment. The label will tell you the composition of your item (if the label is genuine).
  • Look for brand names. Some brands are known to use faux/real fur, however also be aware that some brands may have both furs in their lines.
  • Look for price. Real fur is usually far more expensive than faux fur. However, tiny parts such as fur trims on coats may not affect the price as they are a much smaller portion of fur.
  • Feel the fur. Real fur is extremely soft to the touch.
  • Burn test. Pull out 2 strands, place on a ceramic plate (or flame-proof item), and heat the strands. Real fur = it will singe and have an odour similar to that of burnt hair. Faux fur = smells like burnt plastic, melts like plastic, curls into hard plastic balls.
  • Check the base of the fur. If base is fabric than it’s faux (Humanesociety.org 2016).

And if in doubt, seek professional appraisal.

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Find out more about these faux designers here!

Make this faux trend become a reality and the future of fashion. Go faux!

Here are some useful Faux fashion sites that you may be interested in:





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Moran, E 2014, Openingceremony, Accessed 12 September 2016, <https://www.openingceremony.com/entry.asp?pid=9104&gt;


2 thoughts on “Go Faux

  1. I definitely prefer faux over real fur. Makes me feel so much more comfortable when wearing clothing made out of faux fur and sometimes it’s even more soft and looks better than real fur! Don’t know why people would prefer real fur… sure apparently it more ‘luxurious’ and ‘high class’, but I literally can’t tell the difference.


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