Exporters of Fur (Countries)

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One of the biggest exporters of fur is Europe, while the biggest importer of fur is from China. Fur has remained a stable demand during the international economic downturn (Wearefur 2016). The demand for fur is growing in China, Korea, South America, and Ukraine, as high status fashion items.

There are no penalties for abusing animals on fur farms in China. It has been investigated that the cross-country transportation for the animals are dreadful, with dogs and cats found with open wounds, slowly dying, frightened, or driven insane (Peta 2016).

It has been seen that fur from China is often deliberately mislabeled as fur from a different species, often fur from cats and dogs, is exported to countries globally, which is then sold to unsuspecting customers (Peta 2016).

Finland is the world’s leading producer of fox pelts, whilst in the Netherlands fur farming of foxes are banned, with their legislation to phase out mink fur farming by 2024 being approved (Reuters 2012). We must ask ourselves if we must really wear a foxes fur, which they require in winter, to keep us warm, of there are any other alternatives available. We must fight for animal rights in each of our own countries, to ban fur farming production or raise animal rights for these poor creatures in these fur farms.




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