Blood Fashion + Alternatives


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As each year progresses, fur has been implemented in the luxury fashion markets more and more, with new technologies invented that can apply fur with various other textiles such as silk and wool, making it lighter. This means that fur apparel items can now be used in summer, meaning there is now both a booming market for summer and winter. Mark Oaten, CEO of the International Fur Trade, has stated there are 400 fur-selling stores in Dubai, a country with a climate that has an average of 41°C during summer (Business of Fashion 2016).

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However, there are also technologies that are kind to animals. There are now alternatives for fur and leather fashion that have been invented, such as 100 percent biodegradable vegan leather, made entirely out of extracted mushroom caps and “tanned”, using chemical-free methods (Stewart 2016). It is said it feels like suede but softer, suitable for direct contact with human skin, and naturally water-repellant (Stewart 2016). They can be shaped to make watch straps, shoes insoles, hats and bags (Stewart 2016). Pineapple leaves can also be turned into leather, with the long fibers being separated and dried to become leather (Pinatex 2016).

Find more about mushroom leather through this video here

Animals used for fashion becomes a bloody mess where they are forced into cramped cages with bloody sores and raw wounds. Some of these wounds are self-inflicted due to them becoming insane from the small confined cages. Canines were even found skinned alive in fur farms in China (Business of Fashion 2016). Blood fashion is gruesome and not worth the suffering of these poor creatures.

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We look forward to what further technologies will provide for us in terms of animal-cruelty and vegan fashion, to help us stop this blood fashion.




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