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Snakes are killed for their luxurious skin, with hunters invading their habitats, with many nailing them to trees and being skinned alive before thrown to a pile to suffer and die (Peta 2016). These poor creatures can suffer for several days before dying of shock or dehydration (Peta 2016).

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The following retailers have vowed to steer clear of exotic skins:
Ann Taylor
Victoria’s Secret

Please join them by going for animal-friendly options and going for the faux kind.

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The cruel fashion industry often plucks geese alive to obtain the softest layer of feathers, which is closest to the bird’skin (Peta 2016). These feathers pulled out inflict bloody wounds as they shriek in terror, causing them considerable pain. Many of the geese become paralyzed with fear, left with horrific wounds, with some even left to die as a result. Their feathers are used for clothing, pillows, quilts and comforters. How is it fair that we get to use their feathers to feel “comfortable” while these poor geese do not.

More information in this video about feathers, with Alicia Silverstone here

One will not know if the products purchased are created through live-plucked birds or not. The only way you can stop live plucking is to choose cruelty-free products.




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8 thoughts on “All things FEATHERS + SNAKE SKIN

  1. Great post! I remember seeing a campaign by PETA on Facebook with a leather handbag and when you open it, all you see is naked and bloody flesh of crocodiles in the bag. That really spoke to me. It’s so true though! Using a bag made of crocodile skin is no different to carrying a dead crocodile (a bag filled with bloody flesh).

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