Friend or Fur? Why is FUR FASHION popular?


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What contributes to the ever growing problem of fur fashion becoming popular is that fur fashion designs garner a lot of publicity and advertising for their designs, such as catwalks and seasonal look books, deterring the ethical issues for the public eye (Diet 2016). Fur fashion is considered to be trendy, luxurious and high-quality, creating a high demand for them with less familiarity of faux products in high-end fashion (Dietz 2016).

The causes that contribute to the problem is that celebrities garner a lot of positive media attention for being the ‘best-dressed’ at events, wearing these fur products, with magazines, social media platforms, fashion blogs and expensive brands further promoting fur apparel (Dietz 2016). The attitudes contributing to this problem is that the audiences are more concerned with the trends and aesthetics of their wardrobe than ethical issues, due to lack of awareness or inability to find alternatives (Dietz 2016).

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The social problem is that animals are being exploited in the fashion industry (Garlow 2014), even though there is an abundance of substitutions. Fashion designers still use real animal fur in their seasonal collections, ignoring the deplorable suffering in fur farms (Garlow 2014).

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Don’t be like Mr. Burns (Simpsons) 🙅🏻 Watch his performance here or Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians) 🙅🏻

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We must treat our friends not as fur nor fashion, but as living breathing animals who need their own fur for themselves. Please sign PETA’s pledge be fur-free! Your pledge will be sending a powerful message to the fur industry.




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14 thoughts on “Friend or Fur? Why is FUR FASHION popular?

  1. Obviously a lot of people may disagree (seeing as fur is such a popular trend in fashion) and it’s not that I don’t like luxurious or high-quality fashion products, but ones that are made of real animal fur? I’d just be disgusted by wearing it! Excuse me for being direct, but how can you possibly feel comfortable wearing a coat made of rabbit fur? It’s like you have several dead rabbits sticking to you! I just don’t and never will understand this fashion trend.

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  2. There is nothing glamorous or high-end about wearing fur – when I see celebrities in fur all I think about is the barbaric and torturous methods the animals have endured in the making of that coat. It’s unacceptable. I wonder if we will ever live in a world where people have empathy and respect for ALL animals 😦

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  3. Thanks for the great write up! I can’t believe that fur fashion is still a thing in 2016. There is absolutely no use for real fur being used in fashion. Thankfully, people are letting their voices be heard in regards to this issue. Keep up the good work, posts like these are important in creating discussion around this issue!

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    1. Thank you :)! I know right, Dalmatians have such uniquely patterned fur that they should have for themselves. Great point you bring up! The media and celebrities definitely should use more of their fame to speak up and support our little furry friends!


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